I’m up late scrolling through Pinterest, what else is new?  So as I’m scrolling along, I came across an add for ipsy.  This isn’t the first time that I have seen it, but it was pretty much the first time that it has really made me want to sign up.  Just incase you don’t know ipsy is a monthly beauty subscription.  As you are singing up they ask you a few questions about your skin, favorite makeup, brands you like and ect.  Every month you get a bag filled with goodies.  I decided it was finally time to do this.  So it was literally 1 in the morning and I signed up.  Since I am going to be getting these bags monthly I will do a review of what is in each bag sometime throughout the month.  If this sounds like something you would be interested in trying out please signup through this link: https://www.ipsy.com/new?cid=ppage_ref&sid=link&refer=z9x9l

By using the link below you will help me earn extra points.  The points can later be redeemed for extra goodies in your monthly bag.  I am so excited to see what I get each month and I can’t wait to share these items with you.


  • cute new makeup bag every month
  • only $10
  • ships for free (who doesn’t love free shipping?)
  • new beauty products right at your finger tips (You don’t even have to leave your house to go and try something new, it comes right to your doorstep!)
  • can make a great gift
  • if you pay for 12 months instead of paying serpent each month you get one free bag
  • if you rack up points you can have extra goodies in your beauty bag

If you love beauty and always looking to try something new I think ipsy is a great way to discover great new things!  If you are going to give ipsy a shot let me know in the comments below.  Also let me know if you already have ipsy, and how much you love it!  Please remember to use my referral link at the top and bottom!  And most importantly if you like my blog or know someone who would please share it!

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10 Ways to Survive High School

So I thought this would be a fun post for anyone going into high school this year.  High school really IS NOT as scary as the movies or what people say.  It is lots of fun and you will make lots of great friends and memories that you will remember forever.  So here are some tips to get you through the next 4 years of your life.

  1. Learn Hallway Etiquette 

Do not be the person that walks on the wrong side of the hallway causing a major traffic jam.  Most schools have lots of students and the hallways aren’t that big.  People have places to get to and it is important to be on time.  Make sure that you go with the traffic flow.  Also make sure that you are not walking at the speed of a turtle.  This can also cause a traffic jam.  If you feel the need to walk slow make sure you walk on the inside so people can get around you.  It is also really obnoxious to walk in a really big group with your friends.  This makes it impossible for people to get around you, and it is super annoying.  Another major don’t is you can’t just stop in the middle of the hallway.  You have to keep the flow going.  Remember it is not just you and your friends in the halls.  It is you plus hundreds of other students trying to get to their classes.


    2. If You Need Help Get It 

Lets face it you can’t be excellent in everything, and some classes are harder then others.  If you are having trouble with a class make sure you seek extra help.  There is no point is struggling though when you can do many things to get extra help.  Ask a teacher if they would be willing to help you after school or during a free period.  Maybe even ask the class genius if they would be willing to help you out during a lunch or study hall.  Make sure if you need help you get it.  There is nothing embarrassing about needing help.  Chances are you are not the only one.


      3. Get Involved 

You have probably heard this one million plus times, but seriously get involved.  Join as many groups and clubs as you can.  Maybe even start your own club.  Maybe even join a sports team.  Really the possibilities are endless.  There is so much to do.  Joining clubs is also a great way to make friends.  Plus you have so much more fun when you are involved.  You don’t want to be the only one not dressed up for spirit week right?


    4. Be a Good Student 

It is always good to have a great reputation at school.  You can achieve this by always doing your homework, studying, being on time, engaging in class discussion,  and handing assignments in on time.  Doing all of those things really makes you standout.  Plus we are all human and sometimes we forget.  Lets face it we have all forgot to do our homework one time or another.  If you always do your homework, and hand it in on time, if you forget it once most likely the teacher won’t hold it against you because they know that it is not like you.


    5. Do Your Homework 

There is nothing that annoys me more then the kid that doesn’t do their homework.  Seriously it is a free 100.  It is so simple to just go home and do the work you were assigned.  Not doing your homework every night really puts a damper on your grade.  You may not think that your homework counts as a big part of your grade, but it really does.  Especially if you do not have a lot of graded assignments.  Just do the homework, it may not be fun, but at least you did.


   6. Don’t Lie to Your Teacher 

I can’t even tell you how many times a day I hear “I did my homework but I forgot it at home.”  I can’t help but roll my eyes when I hear this.  Especially when it is coming from the same kid everyday.  Your teacher isn’t stupid and they know that you don’t forget your homework every single day.  If you don’t do your homework don’t lie.  You knew if you weren’t going to do your homework it would be a 0, so just own up to it.  Don’t be a coward and lie about it just tell the truth.


    7. Study 

I’m sure everyone can agree on one thing, studying is pretty boring, but it is important.  Take 20-30 minutes a night to look over what you did in class and make notes of anything you don’t understand.  The next day ask your teacher for clarification.  Studying a little each night is a lot more effective then cramming the night before.  Think of fun ways to study.  Maybe get together with a study group, get cute note pads that inspire you to study.  Set a goal if you get a 95 or higher on the test/ quiz you will treat yourself to the new shirt you have been dying to get.  Do whatever motivates you.  I personally like to make flashcards.  Instead of actually using index cards I use an app called Flashcards+ by Chegg. Making flashcards and reviewing them each night always helps me.



    8. Stay Organized 

Write down everything, and I mean everything in your planner.  My school provides a planner for us, but if yours doesn’t I highly recommend getting one.  Even if something is due in 3 months put it in your planner so you look at it and see it everyday.  Make sure you save all important papers and organize them in your binder in the section they belong in.  This will help when you need to go back and study or reference something.


    9. If You Have a Question Ask 

Chances are you are not the only person with a question, and asking your question may help someone else out.  Remember no question is stupid.  There is no harm in asking.  If you don’t want to ask in front of the class wait till the end of the period or the beginning of the period the next day.  But if it is something really important make sure you get the question answered ASAP.


   10.  Have a GREAT Friend Group 

It is better to have a few really close friends then tons of “friends.”  Make sure that you do have some friends in different grades.  Being a freshman and not really knowing your way around the school it is good to have friends that can help you get to where you need to be.  When I was a freshman I had a lot of friends that were older then me and always helping me find my classes the first week of school.  If you have any friends that are younger then you make sure you help them out because you were that lost little freshman not to long ago.  Make sure to keep old friends and make new ones.  It is good to have different friends that keep you well balanced.



So I really hope this helps you!  If you plan on using any of these “survival” tips make sure to let me know!  If you want to see pictures for my upcoming school year make sure to follow me on Instagram @sammie_evans.  If you like my blog or know someone who would please share it with them!

Question of The Day:  What year are you graduating or what year did you graduate?

My Answer: 2018



My Back to School Morning Routine

Since it is back to school time my blogs for the next week or two are going to be about back to school.  I thought it would be fun to share my morning routine for when I go back to school.  This routine has pretty much been what I have stuck with for a few years now.  It really works for me and that is what is most important.

Step 1: Wakeup

Lets face it waking up is the worst part about any morning especially if it is super early.  I Unknownwake up at 5:15 sometimes a little earlier (it depends what I’m doing with me hair.)  I take forever to get ready in the morning therefore I have to wake up super early.  5:15 always comes around super fast so most mornings I end up snoozing until 5:24 then really regret it when I don’t have enough time.

Step 2: Brush Teeth

Unknown-1Brushing my teeth usually takes me a good 5 minutes because I am seriously juts slow in the morning.  After I brush my teeth I mouthwash because I like to start my day off with super fresh breath.

Step 3: Wash Face & Moisturize

Washing your face in the morning is super important.  It is good to get all of the oils off of your skin from the night and freshen up.  This only takes about 5 minutes and it helps me feel more awake.  After washing my face I moisturize.  Moisturizing prior to putting on Unknown-2your makeup is really important because your moisturizer will help keep your makeup in place.  Sometimes I do this before I brush my teeth, it really just depends.



Step 4: Hair

Depending on the day I either straighten or curl my hair.  It’s pretty bad that I use heat on my hair everyday, but I really don’t like my natural hair.  If I want my curls to look really nice and tight then I wakeup a little earlier, Unknown-3but since I usually go for the loose curl look I can sleep a little later.  If I straighten my hair I’m also able to wake up at 5:15 because I can straighten my hair in about 10-15 minutes which isn’t that bad since my hair is pretty long.

Step 5: Makeup (Favorite Step)

Who doesn’t love doing their makeup in the morning?  I always look forward to doing my makeup.  I love deciding how I am going to do it and what colors I am going to use.  For me Unknown-4it is a lot of fun.  This by far takes me the longest because I like to take my time so I don’t go to school looking like a clown.  Depending how much time I have left is the deciding factor for doing my eyeliner or not.  Lets face it, it either takes 1 try or 20 tries and there is no in-between.  So if I am short on time I decide to go without eyeliner.

Step 6: Get Dressed

This step is always super quick for me because I usually pick out my outfit the night before.    imagesIf anything I try on different shoes to see which look better.

Step 7: Breakfast

I usually grab something quick because by this point it is almost time for me to leave.  My go to breakfast on the run is either an Unknown-5apple cut up or a granola bar.  If I’m organized for the week sometimes I have something already prepared like muffins.  If you want breakfast ideas make sure you check out my last post, which I’ll link below.


Step 8: Leave

I have to leave my house at 6:30 and go to the bus stop which is at the end of my driveway. Unknown-6Usually the bus is there by 6:34.  The wait always feels so much longer in the winter when it is cold.



Step 9: Go to School

After about an hour bus ride it is finally time for school.  We get off the buses at 7:30 and our first class starts about 10 minutes later.  Unknown-8

So there you have it.  That is my back to school morning routine.  In the comments below let me know what your morning routine is whether it is school or work.  If you like blogs make sure to like this post!!  Remember if you like my blog or know someone who would please share it!

Question of The Day: How long do you take to get ready in the morning?

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Previous blog post you should check out:  https://samanthaevansblog.wordpress.com/2016/08/26/back-to-school-breakfast-lunch-snack-ideas/

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Back to School Breakfast, Lunch, & Snack Ideas

It is officially back to school time.  I start school September 6, so that is just right around the corner.  I finally got my schedule last week and I was so excited.  This year I have lunch forth period which is at like 10 in the morning.  This will be a big change for me because for the past two years I have had lunch eight period which is 1 in the afternoon.  The first thing I though was omg what am I going to eat for lunch that early in the day.  That gave me some inspiration to do this blog!  So here are some breakfast, lunch, and snack ideas for back to school.



As almost everyone knows breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so make sure you find something that you like.  Many people are on the go in the morning and don’t really have time for a full sit down breakfast which is OK.  But it is not ok to skip breakfast.  Breakfast really does fuel your body for the day.  So if you are on the go make sure you pick out something that is easy to take along with you.  Some of these things would also be easy to make ahead and grab in the morning. For this year I think I am going to start out with smoothies.  I usually get tired of things pretty fast so once I’m sick of that I’ll move on to something else.

  • cereal Unknown
  • smoothies
  • pancakes
  • waffles
  • bagels
  • muffins
  • french toast sticks
  • pancake muffins Unknown-1
  • fruit
  • granola bar Unknown-2
  • yogurt
  • protein shake
  • eggs
  • breakfast sandwich
  • toast & peanut butter
  • parfait
  • oatmeal


I never know what to bring for lunch, it is the hardest meal of the day for me.  Sometimes I’m hungry and other times I’m not.  It’s good to give your body a boost of energy throughout the day, so even having something small will be beneficial.

  • sandwiches
    • peanut butter & jelly
    • meat
    • egg salad
    • tuna
  • wraps
    • basically anything goes in a wrap ex: lunch meat, banana & peanut butter Unknown-4
  • mini bagels with cream cheese or butter (I think this is what I am going to have this year)
  • lunch meat rollups
  • soup
  • pasta
  • apple & peanut butter
  • cheese & crackers
  • yogurt
  • hard boiled eggs
  • salad
  • hummus & crackers
  • chicken (if you like it cold) Unknown-3


Snacks are important to have in-between each of your meals.  They give you little shots of energy that you need throughout the day.  Below I have snacks that are good to through in your book bag and eat throughout the day, and other snacks that would be good to have with lunch or even breakfast.

  • string cheese Unknown-6
  • granola bar
  • trail mix (this is super easy to make by yourself)
  • fruit (apple, banana, orange, grapes, ect.)
  • vegetables (tomatos, celery, cucumbers, ect.)
  • crackers
  • dry cereal
  • dried fruit
  • pretzels
  • chips Unknown-5
  • applesauce
  • protein bites
  • fruit cups
  • peanuts


I hope this gives you some good ideas for back to school.  If you follow my Pinterest you will be able to see some pins that I have saved for back to school foods.  If you like this post and want more like them please make sure to like it!  Let me know below what your favorite thing to eat for breakfast, lunch and snacks are below!  Remember if you like my blog or know someone who would please share it with them!

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Exciting Opportunity

Hello everyone and welcome back!  I am so excited to share some very exciting news with you guys!  Are you ready?!?!  Someone from My Trending Stories recently reached out to me about joining their team.  After researching and about a week of going back and forth I decided that this was something that I wanted to pursue.  This morning I got an email on how to set up my account and all of that good stuff!  Earlier today I made my first post on My Trending Stories.  I would love for all of you to go and check it out, I’ll leave the link down below!  I am so excited about this and I can’t wait for new people to see my blog!  Remember if you would like to participate in my Question and Answer blog that I want to do at the end of the week make sure you get those questions submitted.  I’ll make sure to leave the link to that blog down below as well.  I am so excited about this opportunity that came along to me, I feel so lucky!  Remember if you like my blog or know someone who would make sure to share it!  Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @sammie_evans.



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My Next Blog Idea

Welcome back to my blog!  As summer is coming to an end I have already though about doing some fun back to school blogs!  But summer is not over yet and I still have lots to write about.  For my next blog post I would like to do a question and answer.  I think this will be a fun post.  You can ask me anything and I will pick the top questions to answer.  Read below to find out how to submit your questions and more.

  1. Send me your questions by either leaving it in the comments, messaging me on Instagram @sammie_evans, or messaging me on Snapchat @sammie_evans.
  2. You can leave as many questions as you would like.
  3.  Please send me all of your questions no later then Friday morning.
  4. If you want me to mention your blog name make sure you leave it when you submit your question.

This is suppose to be a fun blog so my readers get to know me better!  Please remember if you like my blog or know someone who would don’t forget to share it with them.

Question of The Day:  What is your favorite color?

My Answer: Pink

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Ocean City NJ Trip Review

Yesterday afternoon my family and I got back from our annual Ocean City New Jersey vacation.  We were there for 6 days, and the 6 days flew by.  This year we stayed at a new place, which we absolutely loved!  I am very picky and the condo we stayed in was great, and it was even better because we were about a block away from the beach.  It really can’t get better!  So here is the review of my trip, I hope you enjoy!


I work on Sundays, so once I was done with work at 12:30 we hit the road.  It takes about three and a half hours to get there from where we live.  On the way down my sister and I IMG_3834watched the movie Big Fat Liar and played Solitaire on my laptop.  The ride down felt like it took forever but we finally got there around 4:00 because we stopped a few times.  When we got there we checked into our condo, and it was great.  There was one room which my sister and I claimed, and in the living room the coach pulled out, so my parents slept on that.  Off of the living room and master bedroom there was a balcony which we hung our beach towels on to dry every night.  Shortly after checking in we went to the boardwalk.  There were many new stores and attractions on it this year.  That night we went to dinner at Clancys, which is my favorite restaurant on the board walk.

When we were done with dinner my sister and I went to play mini golf, and my parents went food shopping.  Everyday my sister and I go mini golfing, and we both always have a blast.  Once we were done we met up with our parents and walked on the boards the rest on the night.  For a snack my sister and I got a cinnamon sugar pretzel which is my IMG_3857favorite snack at night.

After we went back to the condo and went in the pool and hot tub.  I only went in the hot tub and it was so nice and warm.  After being in the pool and spa area for a while we decided to call it a night and head back up to the condo.


This year we celebrated my moms birthday in OCNJ, and she could not have been happier.  She loves being on the beach and relaxing, so she really couldn’t ask for anything else on her birthday.  (Since we were away for her birthday my sister and I planed her a surprise spa IMG_3858day earlier in the month, which she loved!)  We woke up early and went to rent bikes.  We rent bikes for the whole week and ride them every morning on the board walk.  As usual I got a cute pink bike with a bell, but unfortunately my bell didn’t work, so it didn’t really come in handy.

After riding the boards for about an hour I went back to the house and started getting ready for the beach.  I like to get to the beach nice and early, so I can get to a good spot.  My sister came with me, and together we found a great spot.  Once we set up she went in the water and I started reading a great book.  An hour or so later my mom got to the beach and went in the water with my sister, Charlotte.

Around mid day Charlotte and I went mini golfing and got a snack.  We do that everyday when we are there.  Each day we go to a different place.  We usually start out by going to IMG_3853the cheaper golf places first and go to the better more pricy ones toward the end of the trip.

When we got back I decided to go in the water, and to my surprise it was actually really warm.  The Atlantic Ocean is the warmest it has ever been.  All week it was about 83ºF.  I actually stayed in the water for about an hour because it was so nice.  The waves were pretty rough, and I like it when they are a little rough because then it is fun to ride them.

Once everyone pretty much had enough of the beach that day we packed up, and headed for the pool.  Then we went back and got cleaned up for dinner.  Since it was my moms birthday she wanted me to make her favorite dish, which it lemon garlic chicken.  I felt bad it didn’t come out as good as it usually does because the breading fell off.  She still thought it was a good dinner, so I was happy.  While my dad cleaned up from dinner my mom and I walked down to the grocery store because she wanted to pick out a cake for her birthday.  IMG_3893She got this delicious chocolate cake.

After we got back from picking out the cake we went to the boardwalk.  Since it was moms birthday she decided what she wanted to do that night.  She wanted to go to Wonderland, and go on the rides.  We all had a really good time going on the rides together.  Just mom and I went on the log flume and she was screaming before we even started to go down.  It was pretty funny, and something that I will never forget.

Once we were done with the boards that night we went back to the room and sang happy birthday to mom, and had cake.  Mom and I especially loved the cake.  Chocolate it our favorite.  In the words of my great grandma and her grandma “I’m a chocolate lover.”  We all had a great day celebrating moms birthday.


I woke up early so I could get on the board walk to ride my bike before it got to busy.  Every morning I ride my bike down and back two times which I think is about 10 miles altogether.  In the afternoon my aunt, cousin, and their friends were going to be arriving, soIMG_3862 we were all super excited.  Once again I got to the beach early, and got a good spot.  I continued reading my book which I really liked.  Around noon everyone showed up to the beach.  Around mid day my sister, cousin, cousins friend, and I want mini golfing.  When we got back the kids were ready to go back to the condo.  I ended up staying on the beach the longest.

When I got back to the condo I got cleaned up for dinner.  My mom made baked ziti and meatballs which were very good.  After dinner we went to the boardwalk.  That night we did go carting and rides which was a lot of fun.  When we were all tired we headed back to the condo.  A great day was had by everyone.


On Wednesday I woke up extra early because I wanted to go for a run along the shore line.  This is something that I have always wanted to do, so I was so excited that I finally did it.  It is really hard running on the sand that isn’t packed down by the water, so I made sure to run right where the water line was.  After a good two mile run I went back to get my bike.  After my usual morning bike ride I hit the beach.  I went to the same spot that I had been IMG_3884going to the past few days.  Once again came mid day we set out for mini golf and a snack.  On Wednesday we went to Ritas which never disappoints.

Around 5 or so I went back to the room to get ready to go to the outlets.  Ocean City is about 30 minutes from Atlantic City, so we always go to the outlets there.  After we went to dinner we started shopping.  The only store I got something from was Michael Kors.  I finally found a bag for school that I liked and I got another pair of sunglasses.  In the Nike store my mom got me the Nike Pro shorts and OMG I love them.  They are so comfortable.

When we got back from the outlets we went to the boardwalk to do our usual nightly routine.  We did go carts, rides, got a snack, then went back to the house.  After a long day at the beach and shopping I was tired out, so I went to bed pretty early.


I couldn’t believe that it was already the last day of vacation.  It came so quick.  In the morning I went biking then hit the beach.  We did our normal routine of mini golfing and getting a snack.  I stayed on the beach until 6ish because I wanted to get the most out of IMG_3926 2our last beach day.

For diner we went to a diner which I don’t particularly care for, but it was alright.  After dinner we hit the boardwalk.  When we went go carting I finally won.  It took a whole vacation, but I couldn’t be happier.  It was so much fun.   Once everyone picked out a snack we went back to the condo.  I went to bed early because I knew I wanted to wake up early the next day.


Somehow it was already the last day of vacation.  I woke up at 5 and went straight to the beach.  I was the only one on the beach which didn’t surprise me.  It was pretty cool because I was able to see the sun rise little by little.  I stayed at the beach until 7:30.  When I got back to the condo I ate breakfast then took my bike out for one last ride.  When I was done with it I took it back to the place we rented it from, and returned it.  Once I got back I started packing up.  Around 9 we went down and said goodbye to my cousin, aunt, and their friends.  We ended up IMG_3922leaving shortly after them.  It is always sad to leave but I guess when one vacation is done you know that you are closer to the next one.






It was a great vacation and we all had lots of fun.  If you want to see a few extra pictures from my vacation make sure to follow me on Instagram @sammie_evans.  Remember if you like my blog or know someone who would please, please share it with them!

Question of The Day:  Where do you and your family always go on vacation?

My Answer:  Ocean City NJ

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What’s on My Phone?

I was inspired to do this blog when I saw another blogger do it.  I saw it awhile ago and I’m not sure who it was.  When I saw her post I was like that is such a good idea I have to do it.  I thought it was such a simple and easy blog that I just had to do.  I hope you enjoy!


IMG_3792This is my lock screen of my phone.  I wrote this blog in advance so that’s why the date isn’t todays date.  If you have been reading my previous blogs this picture should look familiar to you.  It is a picture of my aunt and I.  We were in front of the giant ball at Epcot. I have the iPhone 6 and I really like it.  My carrier is Sprint and around where I live it’s not that great.  Basically everywhere I go (except any place around me) I get really good service.  At the top you can probably tell that my battery is yellow.  I keep it on battery save mode all day that way my battery lasts a little longer.

This is my home screen once my phone is unlocked.  The picture is my sister when she got a game ball at one of the Renegades games we went to.  This is my 4th iPhone and I have always had it organized this way.  On my bottom dock I have the phone app, messaging app, Snapchat, and music app.  These are the apps that I use the most, so I have them in IMG_3784the most convenient spot.  I don’t have anything in a particular spot, I have just aways had my iPhones organized like this, and it is what works best for me.
















So inside of my productivity folder I have everything that falls under the category of productivity.  Then I added some apps like the Chase app, Cartwheel app, Charlotte Russe app, Ulta, and Followers+ app.  I like to have my shopping apps in there because then they are all in one place and not taking up room on one of the pages.  My favorite app out of the productivity folder is probably the Cartwheel app by Target.  If you shop at Target you need this app.  Basically there are extra coupons you can select, and when you checkout they just scan your phone.  I have saved close to $50 with the app.

This is all I have in my Utilities folder, not much.  If you don’t have it already you really need to get the Discount app.  It is a life savor.  Basically all you do is put how much the item originally is, the percentage off, and it gives you the final sale price.  I use that app almost every time I go shopping.


This is my only page of apps that I have.  Except for the utilities and productivity folders I hate folders.  Nothing makes me more itchy then when I go on someones phone and they have everything in folders.  I hate that.  To me it looks really cluttered, and I don’t know how people do it.  Another thing I really don’t like is when a page is full of apps.  It looks really cluttered to me if a page is more then halfway full.  Sorry about the little rant of what annoys me, haha.  The app that I use the most on this page would be Instagram.  I check Instagram in the morning, when I get home from school, and before I go to bed, sometimes more.  I like to see what’s going on and making sure that I’m liking all of my friends pictures and videos.

My 5 Favorite Apps:

  1. Instagram
  2. Snapchat
  3. Amazon
  4. Discount
  5. WordPress

I defiantly use Snapchat the most out of all my apps.  I Snapchat all day long.  That is usually what drains my battery the most.  As I told you before I use Instagram at lest four to five times a day.  I really like social media because I like staying connected to my friends even when I’m not with them.  I use the Amazon app all of the time.  I order from Amazon at least twice a week, and I always order from my phone.  The app is really easy to use and I love it.  I told you about Discount before and how much I love it.  It is really handy and if your bad at math (like me) it will be your new best friend.  And finally WordPress.  I don’t actually blog using my WordPress app.  I write my blogs on my laptop.  But I do use the app to write back to you guys when you leave me comments, which I love.  I also go through the app and find new bloggers to follow, and of course read through and like other peoples posts.  Oh and by the way I didn’t put them in order from most favorite to least favorite, I just wrote them as they came to mind.

So that is all that I have on my phone.  I know, I  don’t really have much.  My phone is kind of boring, but it is what I like.  I would LOVE if we can get this post to 10 likes and 10 comments.  Let me know if you liked this blog and want more like it.  Also share with me your favorite app on your phone.  Remember if you like my blog or know someone who would please, please share it!

Question of the Day: What are your plans for this week?

My answer: This week I am at the beach, so I will be laying on the beach tanning and reading everyday!

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7th Heaven

Hello!  In todays blog I am going to write about a show that I have watched completely.  When I say completely I mean every seasons and every episode.  I’m almost 100% positive that the only show that have have watched completely is 7th Heaven.Unknown

I started watching the show when I was pretty young, but my parents only let me watch the first season because apparently the other seasons were to mature for me.  Needless to say when I’m watching the first season I know what episode it is before it is a minute in.  About 3 years ago for every holiday I would get a few images-3seasons at a time.  I basically binged watched them, and would have the season done in two days.  Eventually I figured out that we were able to get them on Amazon for free because we have Prime.  So I think I have up to season 7 or 8 in DVDs.  In total there are 11 seasons and to many episodes to count.

I think I was able to watch so many episodes of this show because because you can relate it to real life.  My favorite actress from the show was Jessica Biel who played Mary Camden.  In the show she was the second oldest daughter.  She appeared less and less during the last few seasons.

It makes me sad and appreciate the show even more because there really aren’t shows likeimages this one any more.  It was a good family show that you would always take a valuable message away from.

Since there are 11 seasons there is tons to right about, but I don’t want to give everything away, so I’ll just give a little outline.  In the first few seasons there are 5 kids (Matt, Mary, Lucy, Simon, and Ruthie) and then the 2 images-2parents (Eric and Annie) hence the name 7th Heaven.  The father Eric is a minister at their local church and their mother Annie is a stay at home mom.  Sine Eric is a minister he is always helping people out, and always knows what’s going on in the community.  All the kids go through the everyday struggles of growing up.  In the later season (I think 3)  Annie is pregnant with twins, again hence the name of the show 7th Heaven.  The youngest daughter Ruthie gets a little jealous and craves lots of attention before and after the twins, Sam and David are born.  Throughout the many episodes of the show Eric and Annie are always helping people out wether it means having someone spend Unknown-1a night, or move them in.  They are a loving family who always go the extra mile to help people in need.

The last few seasons defiantly aren’t as good as the first ones in my opinion.  If you are looking for a really good show that deals with real life situations then I would highly, highly recommend 7th Heaven.  If you have Amazon Prime you can watch them through the Amazon Prime tv show app.

I hope you liked this blog.  If you liked this post and want more like it please, please like it.  I would love if we could get this post to 10 likes and 10 comments.  If you have watched this entire show let me know what you thought about it.  Also let me know of any shows that you have watched completely.  Remember if you like my blog or know someone who would please share it with them!

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Question of The Day: What is your favorite TV show?

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My Closet Organization

So for todays blog I am going to talk about my closet organization.  I have wanted to blog about this for awhile, and I am so excited that I am finally doing it.  Down below I am going to have picture and of course explanations as to why my closet is organized the way it is.



Here are almost all of my clothes in my closet.  You can’t see some of them because there are in the corners, but thats okay.  Working left to right I have my dresses, tank tops, short sleeve shirts, long sleeve shirts, then sweatshirts and outerwear.  There is actually a lot missing from this closet.  Since I have way to many scarves they are in a different closet and my sweaters along with more dresses are in another closet.  I don’t have a picture of my sweaters and dresses because that closet is a mess, but I do have a picture of my scarves.

These four pictures above show the closet broken down a little bit more.  One of the first things you may notice is the different colored hangers.  The pink hangers represent older clothes and the blue and white hangers represent new clothes.  The hangers would just be pink and blue but Target is always changing their hanger colors, which for me is really annoying.

Anything on a blue or white hanger is either brand new with tags on it, or fairly new.  Once I get new clothes the clothes on white/blue hangers with no tags on them anymore go to a pink hanger.  Most of the time clothes get switched to a different colored hanger every month or so.  Clothes that I don’t wear right away will stay on the blue or white hanger until they have been worn.

You may have noticed that all certain types of clothes are all together.  All tank tops are together, all jackets are together and so on and so forth.  I also have everything arranged by color.  So within the group of tank tops they are broken into little sections by color.  So all of the pinks are with the pinks, and all white are with the whites.  This makes picking out something really easy.  If I know I want to wear a navy long sleeve shirt I just look where all of the navy long sleeve shirts are.  If there is a pattern on the shirt I organize it by the base color.

And the final way I have everything organized is every shirt, jacket, and dress is all facing the left of the closet.  This makes is super easy to look through everything especially if you are in a rush.  If everything in your closet is facing different directions it is going to be annoying to look through everything.



The bottom of my close is my shoes.  You can probably tell that I have way to many shoes!  The bottom of my closet is a mess.  I have tried to organize it before, but its hard to keep it organized because I am constantly taking shoes in and out.  There is just not enough room in the closet, so most of my shoes are stacked on top of one another.  This kind of annoys me because it looks cluttered.  Somehow it works for me because I try to keep the shoes that I wear most frequent on the top.  I’ve tried one of those hanging shoe organizers but I didn’t like it, it took up to mush closet space, and didn’t hold enough shoes.  The worst part is I just got ride of a good 15 pairs of shoes, but I just have to many.


Finally here are my scarves.  I have so many scarves and they were taking up way to much room in my closet.  I got one of those really cheep rods in Target, and hung it in my bathroom closet.  I don’t really like that my scarves are in my bathroom closet but it’s the only place they fit, so I guess it is what it is.  I use to have the biggest obsession with infinity scarves, I though they were the cutest things ever.  In Charlotte Russe they would always be on sale, so I would just buy way to many at a time.  I think some still have tags on.  I will eventually wear them all!

Key Things To Remember: 

  • organize by season 
    • tank tops, short sleeve shirts, long sleeve shirts, ect.
  • within each season organize by color 
    • pinks with pinks, reds with reds, ect.
  • have everything facing one direction 
    • have the front of everything in your closet face either the left or right, not both
  • put new and old clothes on different colored hangers 
    • this will make it much easier when looking for the new super cute top you just bought

Remember the way I organized my closet may be different from the way you organize yours, and that is okay.  Always do what works for you.  You may try this and hate it which is fine.  Hopefully this inspires you to try something new, and find a way to organize that makes most sense to you.

I really hoped you liked this little tutorial on how I organize my closet.  If you took anything away from this let me know.  In the comments let me know how you organize your closet, feel free to add a picture as well.  If you liked this blog and want more like it, give it lots of likes.  And most importantly if you like my blog or know someone who would please share it with them!!  If you would like to know more about my everyday life make sure you follow me on Instagram @sammie_evans.

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